Yard prices as of August 31, 2015
All prices are subject to change without prior notice.




Please Note: The following information represents London yard buying prices. For information on high-volume or long-distance purchases, please call us immediately at 800-265-7897.






Aluminum Wire


BX Cable


Cast Aluminum


Clean UBCs


Aluminum Copper Radiators


Bare Aluminum Extrusion


Irony Aluminum


Aluminum Litho. Plates


Low Copper Aluminum


Old Sheet


Painted Siding


Aluminum Radiators


Aluminum Car Wheels



C Metal


Hard Brass


Manganese Bronze


Red Brass


Yellow Brass



#1 Copper


#2 Copper


#3 Copper


Bare Bright Copper


Copper Radiators


Copper Heater Cores



Whole Auto Batteries


Hard Lead


Soft Lead



Cast Iron (Radiators and Porcelain)


Cast Iron (Machinery and Automotive)


Dirty Motor Blocks


300 Series Stainless Steel


400 Series Stainless Steel


5 Plate & Structural


Oversized Steel (Light)






White Goods